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Broadway Market History

Broadway Market, located in the heart of Fells Point, is one of the first public markets in Baltimore, dating back to 1786. One of six remaining public markets left in Baltimore, the markets were once the city’s major source of food for the growing city. In the early days the market yards were equipped with stalls, barns and a weighing platform to accommodate the livestock the farmers brought into town to sell. On market days farmers came to Fell’s Point by wagon, boat, and ferry from nearby counties seeking an outlet for their products. Broadway Market, the oldest of the existing markets in Baltimore, has a long tradition of serving the residents of Fell’s Point and Baltimore.

Several structures have succeeded the original market buildings. The present north market building (ca. 1864) was originally topped with a second-story hall used for social and civic affairs. After a fire damaged the building in the 1960s, the second story was removed.  In 2011 the north market building of Broadway was shuttered and tenants moved to the south market building. After nearly a decade of sitting empty, the north market building opened in 2019.


Photo Source: Maryland Historical Society 1995-62-102 – Date c. 1920-1930